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Industrial aluminum profile




Shandong Huifeng supplies extruded aluminum in the widest selection of sizes and alloys as well as in custom and metric sizes. Alloy selections include 6063, 6061, 6082, 2024, 2011, 2017, 2014, 2A21, 5052, 5754, 5083, 7075, 7A04 Etc with a choice of O-T8 tempers and stress-relieved –T6511 and –T5511 tempers. and certified to ASTM B 221; EN755 .


Our extruded aluminum profile is highly sought after for a wide range of applications around the globe, most commonly for hardware, automotive parts, couplings and connectors, hinge pins, fasteners and fittings. With decades of experience in the manufacture of aluminum extrusion profiles, we can offer you the highest quality and advanced solutions for your most complex design problems.


To complement our state-of-the-art production facilities, we have advanced facilities for painting (including a high speed vertical powder coating line), anodizing and special coatings. As the leader in extruded aluminum profile production, HF is able to offer an unsurpassed variety of product choices to meet the needs of client’s requirements. 


Products name  Aluminum profile
Process  Extrude , drawn , machining, anodized, painting
Shape  Industrial using aluminum profile according to client’s CAD drawing 
Alloy  2014, 2024, 2A21, 2017, 5052, 5083,5754,7075, 7005 etc
Temper  O H112 H34 T3 T4 T6 T651 T8 etc
Surface  Mill finish, anodized,
Delivery period Make new mold : 2 weeks, Produce time: 2 weeks 
Standard  ASTM-B221 ; EN755; EN754;


Extruded aluminum is made by heating the aluminum and forcing it through a die. What comes out on the other side is the shape of the final product. To visualize the process, imagine pushing a ball of clay through a circle punched with holes. What comes out on the other side is a series of spaghetti-like strands. The shape of the die determines what the final product will look like. For example, an "I" shaped die creates aluminum I-beams. After the product comes out of the die, it is cooled and then stretched to remove any twisting that occurs during the cooling process. As it hardens, extruded aluminum becomes stronger. The hardening process can take place at room temperature, but since that can be time consuming, most manufacturers employ heated rooms to temper the aluminum quickly.


Tel.: +86 531 87868105/87852456 Mobile: +86 15169199679
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