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Seamless aluminum tube aluminum pipe





We produce high-grade seamless aluminum tubing 

According to the processing method is divided into extrusion seamless aluminum tube, cold drawn precision seamless aluminum tube, rolling seamless aluminum tube. Among them, the cold drawing precision of seamless aluminum tube with high precision, good surface quality.


The Main Process of Seamless Aluminum Tube

Seamless aluminum tubes are produced by piercing extrusion, while conventional aluminum tubes are usually extruded by a combined die. Aluminum Alloy seamless tube production principle and process production using the short rod, high temperature, slow speed extrusion process, especially to control the “three temperature”, aluminum rod extrusion cylinder, and die to keep clean, aging time and temperature are adjusted according to the thickness and diameter of the wall.


Cold Drawn seamless aluminum Tube (pipe)

In the beginning, a drawn structural tube goes through the same process as an extruded tube. However, where an extruded tube is cooled after it is forced through the die, the drawn tube is sent through a second die. This process is called cold drawing or cold working, and it is here that the final dimensions of the product are determined. A drawn tube is just as suitable for transporting gases or liquids under pressure as a seamless extruded tube.

a seamless extruded tube is brought to final size by drawing through a die. Closer size tolerances and thinner wall thicknesses than that of extruded tube are available.


Product category

Products name 

Seamless aluminum tube


Extrude , drawn , machining 



Wall thickness



2014, 2024, 2A21, 2017, 5052, 5083,5754,7075, 7005 etc


O H112 H34 T3 T4 T6 T651 T8 etc


Mill finish, anodized,

Delivery period

4 weeks (300kgs-30tons)


300 KGS


ASTM-B241 ; EN755; EN754;


The Difference Between a Seamless Tube and a Slit Tube

A seamless tube is a tube that does not have any welding seam. A seamless tube may also be known as a seamless pipe. 


It differs from the main slit tube in that

Aluminum ingot processing method

Indirect extrusion (seamless tube) surface turning, no scale involved.

Direct extrusion (slit tube) of the skin without turning, the product may be involved in the oxide layer.


Status of aluminum ingot and container

Seamless pipe flow, frictionless;Uniform flow of metal;

There is relative friction in the slit pipe. Uneven metal flow; The product contains coarse crystals.


Product appearance

The inner and outer walls of seamless tube are smooth and clean.No burning or cracking on the surface;

The appearance of slit tube is generally smooth.


Mechanical properties

Seamless tube product head and tail metal flow uniformity; High dimensional accuracy; Good fatigue resistance; Consistent mechanical properties;No lamellar tissue.

Metal flow from end to end of products with slit pipes is not uniform; Mechanical properties inconsistent; Lamellar tissue is easy to appear.


Compare with slit tube the advantage as follow

Seamless tube is especially suitable for extrusion of alloy bars and tubes with super hardness (such as alloy 2014, alloy 2024, alloy 2A21,alloy 2017, alloy 5052, alloy 5083,alloy5757, alloy7075, alloy 7005 etc).

Slit tubes are suitable for extrusion of general hardness of alloy products of general added value.(such as alloy6063, alloy 6061, alloy 6082 series,alloy 3003,alloy 1070)



Seamless tube relatively high price, suitable for manufacturing high-precision products.

Slit tubes are relatively inexpensive and suitable for general purpose products.


Main Features and Application of Alloy 2024 / 7075 Seamless Tube


High Strength Heat treatable alloy.

High precision tolerance by cold drawn.

Good mechanical properties.

Good usability.

Easy to process, good wear resistance.

Good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.


The aerospace industry, template, fixture, military precision parts, CNC machining, mechanical equipment, mold processing.

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